Top 10 Tips for Good Health

Written by: Alison Laurie, Senior Consultant, Crown Vets Inverness

Regular Health examinations:  Pets age 6 or 7 times as fast as humans, so health changes happen more rapidly as well. Regular Vet checks, allow us to establish a benchmark for your pet’s health, so that any problems can be diagnosed and treated quickly. To put this into human terms, a pet health examination every 6 months is like a going to your doctor every 2-3 years!

Dental care:  Dental disease is a serious issue for dogs and cats, and is often associated with accompanying medical issues like heart and kidney disease. By taking a proactive approach to your pet’s Dental health, with home care, tooth brushing and regular dental treatments, you can help reduce dental disease and keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy.

Vaccinations:  Dogs and cats are at risk from serious, life-threatening diseases. These can be prevented by providing vaccinations for puppies and kittens and annual vaccinations for adult pets.

Good nutrition: The right diet gives your pet the correct nutrients for optimum growth and development, and fuels a healthy long and happy life. With an understanding of your pets specific nutritional needs you can also manage some common health conditions like obesity, diabetes, or joint disease with advised prescription diets.

Parasite prevention:  Common parasites like, fleas, ticks and worms can pose a significant health risk to your pet. Preventative treatments offer good control and protection and keep your pet safe from the disease.

Behaviour and Training:  Your pet’s behaviour can serve as a barometer of their overall general health. By knowing your pet well you can identify any abnormal behaviour and health issues. Also training for good behaviour can only enhance the bond between owner and pet.

Grooming: Regular grooming keeps your pet comfortable, clean and free from matts. Bathing and brushing keeps the skin and coat in good, clean, healthy condition. Regular nail trimming helps avoid overgrown, split nails.

Exercise:  1 in 3 dogs and cats are overweight. Those extra pounds can cause health issues, such as arthritis and diabetes. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are so important to keep your dog at a lean, healthy weight. Monitoring your pet cat’s weight is just as important.

Quality time: The time you spend with your pet is invaluable. Each moment you are around them is an opportunity to become more in tune with their moods and personality and allows bonding. When you stroke them you become familiar with their usual skin and coat and you can also notice any abnormalities: lumps, bumps or wounds. By knowing what is normal for your pet, you can detect any changes quickly.

Staying informed: One of the best gifts you can give to your pet is the commitment of being a responsible pet owner. Your Vet and Vet support team are there to advise on any concerns you may have on diet, health conditions and preventive health care.

If you have any queries regarding your pet’s health, please contact us for good professional advice.