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How we keep up-to-date with the latest developments

Veterinary knowledge constantly advances and you will be pleased to know that we constantly keep up-to-date with the latest developements. Diagnostic testing constantly evolves too and more conditions can be screened for, allowing us to achieve better treatment outcomes.
We have an in-house Idexx laboratory suite with the latest equipment that allows us to analyse samples so we can treat, monitor and make recommendations more quickly. We can check the blood system (haematology), the major organs (biochemistry), metabolic status (blood gas and electrolytes) and various hormone levels. We can also run advanced urine testing.
Our own services are complemented by Idexx's leading veterinary diagnostic laboratory to open up a complete range of testing to us. A courier comes each day to safely transfer samples to allow for the quickest turnaround.
Idexx is an innovative company which has recently launched a secure smartphone app that notifies your vet of their lab results, 24/7, wherever they are!
We are backed up by their team of pathologists and internal medicine consultants, who we can discuss complicated cases with, allowing your pet to benefit from their world-class expertise.
As our patients age, we can offer wellness screening, which lets us check for hidden health issues and also set a baseline for that individual patient. Baseline values make it easier to interpret test results if your pet becomes unwell. Continued monitoring of long-term diseases facilitates earlier interventions and adjustment to dosages, and lets us better manage a condition.