Preventative Health Care

What you can do to prevent your pets from getting ill

  • Flea, Tick and Worm
  • Vaccines
  • Going on holiday

Flea, Tick and Worm

We strongly advise the regular use of routine anti-parasitic medication. Many of these products are POM-Vs (Prescription Only Medicine – Veterinary). Legally we are only able to prescribe these products if your pet has had a health examination with one of our vets within the last twelve months. A health examination is included at the time of vaccinations. If your pet has not had a recent health check you will be required to book a health consultation prior to flea, tick and worming products being dispensed.

By joining our Pet Health Club, year round anti-parasitic treatment is included. It allows you to make some great savings whilst providing the very best of preventative healthcare for your pet. 

Our twelve month commitment to your pet's preventative healthcare



Vaccination is another important pillar of preventive healthcare since our pets are constantly threatened by a variety of infectious diseases. Dogs can fall ill with distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, or kennel cough. These diseases can go undetected within the environment and your pet could be exposed to them without you knowing. Cats can catch herpes virus, calicivirus, or leukaemia and panleukopenia viruses. Myxomatosis and haemorrhagic disease affects rabbits. All of these illnesses can be easily prevented with a simple yearly vaccination booster.

We will advise you on the appropriate vaccinations for your pet when you are in for your consultation. We try our best to remind you when your pets’ vaccinations are due however it is ultimately your responsibility as a pet owner to get your pet vaccinated on time. If you would like to receive texts and/or email reminders, please see our client services team.

Going on holiday

Do not forget if your pet is going into a kennel or cattery to make sure you are following that particular establishments requirements for vaccinations and anti-parasitic treatments. It is your responsibility to find out this information at the time of booking your pet in and to book in any appointments required in a timely manner.

If you are going abroad and planning on taking your pet, please get in touch with us to book an appointment to arrange vaccinations and anti-parasitic treatments as soon as possible. Different parts of the world have different requirements and legislations so booking an appointment well in advance will ensure that your holiday plans aren’t hindered.